Thursday’s Movie Pick

Thursday’s Movie Pick

So I’m starting to put things back in my suitcase. You may be surprised at what I  like to watch while “getting there”. Don’t judge my guilty pleasures!

 PLANET 51 click here for more info and reviews

When Chuck the astronaut (Dwayne Johnson) lands on a distant planet filled with little green people, he is surprised to discover that we are not alone in the galaxy. But he gets the shock of his life when the residents of Planet 51 mistakenly believe that his presence is the start of an alien invasion of the human kind! Luckily, Lem (Justin Long) quickly realizes that Chuck is friendly and makes it his personal mission to help him return safely to his ship.

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  1. Far be it from me to judge the tastes of another. Two of my favorite movies are Benny and Joon and Snow Cake. Most people have never heard of either of them. I haven’t seen Planet 51 but I might watch it on your recommendation. I have grandkids here a lot and I’ve been known to really get into animated movies.

  2. I’m not surprised at all. I buy my grandkids all of the cartoon features so I can watch them. I missed out on going to the movies as a kid and we didn’t have a tv until I was in high school. I’m still trying to make up for lost time.

  3. Some of the best films I’ve seen have been animated. I just took my daughter to see The Princess and the Frog and I thoroughly enjoyed it myself. I say, if they want to laugh at us for watching what we want, let them.

  4. My 6 year old grandson roped me into taking him to see this film. It was actually pretty good. I had a much better time than I expected. Animated features can be great stress relievers.

  5. My wife and I tossed a coin to see who would have to take the kids to see this movie. I lost, I think. I had a good time and the movie wasn’t half bad. I can’t let her know though because I don’t want her to feel left out since she didn’t go to see it.

  6. I took my boys to see this movie on Easter. I noticed that there were a lot more adult men there than women. I’m not sure what that says about the audience. I like the movie but then I’m just a little kid in a big body.

  7. I rarely go to the movies but my kid sister wanted to take her 4 kids and didn’t want to go by herself. I owed her a favor so I tagged along to help corral her boys. I was surprised that I had such a good time. The movie was funny and the kids laughter was infectious. Of course, I didn’t tell her that, she might think I still owe her a favor!

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