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Genna's Blog! "Packed & Ready"

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Should You Be Your Own Travel Agent?

 Despite the fact that the online travel industry has ballooned from being non-existent to being a competitive, lucrative field, traditional travel agencies—you remember, those that feature on person-to-person interaction—remain a mainstay in the travel business. I recently started to wonder why…

 I think there will always be a market for brick and mortar travel agencies, because some people:

 Will never be comfortable providing financial information over the Internet, something that’s a necessity to book travel online

Prefer to establish and maintain a relationship with a travel professional who can handle all their travel needs

Don’t have computers (believe it or not)

Would rather make one call to someone who’ll research fares, availability, etc. rather than visiting multiple online sites to do it themselves

Prefer knowing they have a specific person to contact in the event a problem arises or an itinerary change needs to be made

 This certainly hasn’t deterred millions from using online travel sites, which is where I book all my trips. You may be your own travel agent, too, if you:

 Don’t have a problem providing credit card information online

Enjoy searching for the best deal yourself

Believe you can get better deals online

Aren’t concerned about needing to reach someone specific in the event something goes awry during the booking or traveling process

Tend to make travel plans during off-hours, like the middle of the night

Feel more in control by making the reservations yourself

 Regardless of which type of person you are—an online buyer or someone who prefers “old-fashioned” personal interaction—you can rest assured that your options will remain open for how you wish to book travel. Thus, the answer to the question posed to start this article is “maybe.” There’s no right or wrong here; it totally depends on your personal preference. I can’t imagine using a travel agent to book my trips; I usually have a pretty good idea of where I want to stay or which airline I want to fly, anyway.