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Is First Class Worth It?

 The difference between a first class and coach ticket on an airplane is astronomical; most people sitting at the very front of the plane have probably ended up there as the result of an upgrade or the use of mileage credits. Since everyone arrives at their destination at the same, is it worth it to do what it takes to get a first class seat?

 My answer is maybe…and I say that after having returned to San Diego from Chicago earlier this week via first class, after redeeming a big chunk of my frequent flyer miles. Here are my criteria for making a first class decision:

 Is the flight long enough? If you’re not going very far, and thus won’t be in air too long, then does it really make sense to burn miles or upgrade opportunities just to be able to sit in a bigger seat? I think not. If you’re on a longer flight, however, it might make very good sense. My almost 4-hour flight definitely qualified.

Is there food involved? If you’re flying during a mealtime, then first class can be a great alternative to sitting in “no meal service” coach. I had a pretty good breakfast as we winged our way west: cheese omelet, bagel, potatoes and fruit.

Do you like being pampered? From being able to board the plane first and having a drink before takeoff to freshening yourself with a hot towel, first class does afford some “luxuries” that coach does not. I wouldn’t make my decision based solely on this criterion…but that’s just me.

Do you need the extra room? In addition to enjoying wider seats, you’ll also have more legroom in first class. Since I’m neither a large or tall person, this is merely icing on an already great cake for me.

 In a couple weeks, I take to skies again to head to Washington D.C. It would be really nice to go first class across the country, but alas, I used up most of my “juice” on my Chicago trip…so I’ll be back in coach with the masses. I’ll just have to take solace in the fact that those first class folks won’t get there any quicker than me.