Finally! Your Freedom to Travel...

Finally! Your Freedom to Travel...

Hot Travel Destinations for 2010…Maybe

 Since travel is such a personal thing, I always find it interesting to see what the “experts” peg as the top destinations each year. Lonely Planet’s fifth annual list was released in early November, noted as a collection of the best places to go and best things to do in 2010.

 You really have to review these types of lists with a grain of salt, since your definition of best may differ significantly from the criteria used by the list creators. Thus, you may never consider a “hot” destination like Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates or Cuenca, Ecuador. Perhaps Vancouver, Canada or Charleston, South Carolina in the good old USA will resonate more with you.

 Other top cities for 2010 are Cork, Ireland; Istanbul, Turkey; Kyoto, Japan; Lecce, Italy; Sarajevo, Bosnia; and Singapore. Top countries include El Salvador, Germany, Greece, Morocco, Portugal and Suriname.

 Will 2010 be the year you dig your passport out of its perhaps dusty storage place…or maybe get a passport if you don’t already have one? Remember as you plan your getaways, the number one criteria you should use to make your destination decision is where will be “hot” for you. If exotic places are your cup of tea, you can certainly use “best of” lists as a resource for travel planning, but if you prefer more “routine” destinations, you might be best sticking to something like AAA to plan your next adventure.