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Henk Luggage ~ The Most Expensive Luggage in the World

 What do you think is a reasonable amount of money to spend on your travel luggage – $200.00?, $300.00?. $500.00? $1,000.00?  Well how about $20,000.00 for just one piece of luggage?  Well that is what you would spend if you wanted to travel with Henk Luggage – the most expensive luggage on the market today. 

 If you spent that kind of money on a single piece of luggage you might expect it to be lined in diamonds, gold, and have all the bells and ringers of say, oh I don’t know, a space shuttle or something else extravagant.  You might even think it has a built in laptop, wide screen TV, and the kitchen sink, but no, it is, although a good looking piece of luggage, it doesn’t have anything extra spectacular, however, it is constructed as sturdy as a Formula 1 racecar and some materials made in its construction are also used in space aircrafts. 

 Henk luggage is super light, constructed out of carbon-fiber similar to that found in the cockpit of a high-performance Formula 1 racecar giving it the durability that is guaranteed for life.  The same high quality aluminum used in space shuttles gives the luggage decorative accents and the wheel brackets in this pull along luggage are made of the same titanium used in space aircrafts.  (Makes me wonder if astronauts use this luggage.) 

 Now I don’t have $20,000.00 to drop on a piece of luggage, but I won’t hold it against anyone who does.  So tell me, what’s your favorite brand of travel luggage? Good House Keeping had some thoughts…