Finally! Your Freedom to Travel...

Grandparents Travel

As Grandparents are becoming increasingly younger, a new trend is appearing ~ Grandparents taking the Grandchildren on vacation.  Quite a sweet deal for the parents, as while the children are gone, the parents can play and have their own mini vacation themselves.  The Grandparents benefit by having the opportunity to bond closer with the grandchildren without parental interference.  The kids benefit because they get a break from their parents and get to create lifelong memories!

 However, with age often time comes things that slow a person down ~ arthritis and other mobility issues are very common.  If you are traveling abroad with your grandchildren, the last thing you want to have to deal with is not being able to read a pain reliever bottle at the local drug store due to the language barrier.  Or not be able to correctly ask for what you need to help ease the aching joints from a long adventure trying to keep up with the Grandchildren. 

 That is where RX: The Freedom to Travel Language Series! can help keep the options of travel open with your Grandchildren. You and your grandchildren can study the language of the destination for travel in advance to your vacation time together.  The bonding then doesn’t just start when you board your plane, but well in advance.  It also gives you a great opportunity to explain your mobility limitations so your grandchildren are more accepting to the breaks you will need to take along the way.

 Here is a great resource for all of you grandparents who’d like to plan a trip this summer!