Finally! Your Freedom to Travel...

If you got it, GO PRIVATE You may not be a rock star, a famous actor or actress, a executive to some big fancy corporation or a high dollar lawyer or doctor, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fly in style.

Private air charter is becoming increasingly more popular amongst the general population and with that increased popularity is the decreasing cost to fly private charter. Think about it for a minute. If you and several of your friends want to go on a little getaway, chartering a private charter aircraft is the perfect way to go, especially if anyone has any medical issues.

On a private charter your needs are met more effectively then on a commercial flight. There are no hassles waiting in long lines checking in, baggage claims, layovers, lost luggage, security checks, and all the other hassles that come with flying commercial airline.

On a private charter flight you can also specify exactly what you want served as far as meals/snacks, so if there are special dietary needs, there is no worries if you can eat the food because you can choose the menu.

Mobility issues are not a problem for private air charter flights either because you are not crowded into a plane with hundreds of other people, transportation to and from the plane can be easily arranged, and you have much more room aboard the plane for comfort. Wheel chairs are not considered extra luggage, and your private staff will make sure you are comfortable and all your needs are met.

Every once and a while there is nothing wrong with treating yourself like your special, because after all, you are. Don’t you think you deserve the very best?

If you’re not a fan of air travel. You can always try this strategy on a luxurious cruise line like Cunard. They have affordable options to create the illusion that the ship is all yours!

Check out one of my favorite Chef’s on Cunard — Todd English!

Celebrity Chef Todd English talks about his philosophy on food and how he tailored his namesake restaurants onboard QUEEN MARY 2 and QUEEN VICTORIA ocean liners.