Friday’s “Cool Product”

I’m always on the look out for TSA “friendly” products. Well I hit the mother lode at  

The Art of Shaving Pre Shave Oil click here for more info 

Price: $12.00 – $22.00

in 3 friendly TSA sizes 😉

Unscented, for Sensitive Skin
Pre-Shave Oil is the first step into the Art of Shaving. Formulated with a blend of botanical ingredients and essential oils to soften the beard and protect the skin for a close and comfortable shave. The Pre-Shave Oil is removed during shaving, leaving no residue on the skin.
The Art of Shaving creates a premiere skin care shaving line combining today’s skin care with yesterday’s shaving methods.
This complete range of natural products reintroduces the modern gentleman to a savoir faire adapted to his lifestyle.
With the luxury of today and aromas from the past, The Art of Shaving brings passion and art to a daily routine.
Made in USA