Accessible San Diego

Guide to the City for Those With Disabilities

While the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act initially focused on curb cuts, accessible parking and grab bars, it’s evolved to ensure that accessible vacation options are readily available for those with limited or no mobility. I’ve chosen to focus this blog on my adopted hometown of San Diego since it offers so many great options for visitors and it can provide a wonderful respite for winter-weary folks from “back east.”

Accessible San Diego, a non-profit organization, has recently published its Access in San Diego Guide, XXI Edition, which contains a treasure trove of information for disabled visitors and locals. In addition to a comprehensive list of Things to See and Do, the guide includes information on:

  • Accessible Vans and Shuttles
  • Transportation Around the County
  • Important Public Service Information
  • Service Organizations for People with Disabilities
  • Medical Centers
  • Home Care Providers
  • Medical Equipment and Supplies
  • Accessible Public Restrooms
  • And more

Hard and digital copies of the guide are available for $5 and $4, respectively, and it’s also viewable at (where purchases can be made).

The president of Accessible San Diego, Wes Johnson, remembers when the only way he could get to the airport in his wheelchair was via ambulance, and there were many vacation activities that were unavailable to him. Now, one of his favorite things to do is use a power beach wheelchair to enjoy one of San Diego’s beautiful beaches—and he also loves “opening doors” for other disabled people to enjoy America’s Finest City.

Adrienne Moch is a freelance writer/editor based in San Diego who loves to travel.

Adrienne Moch is a freelance writer/editor based in San Diego who loves to travel.