Finally! Your Freedom to Travel...

Finally! Your Freedom to Travel...

Stress-Free Security

One of the least pleasant parts of air travel is going through security, but if you’re properly prepared, you can lessen or eliminate any stress it may cause. Here are some tips to minimize the security hassle:

 When you dress for your journey, in addition to thinking about comfort, also focus on ensuring you don’t have to “disrobe” too much. Can you get away without a belt? Maybe you don’t need a scarf to complete your outfit. Do you need all those layers (some of which may be considered coats)? I once was pulled over to be wanded when I wore an oversized sweatshirt…which I wouldn’t remove since I was only wearing a bra underneath it!

Wear shoes that are easy to get off and on. This is not the time to be fashionable by wearing boots with elaborate lacing that are a pain (and time-consuming) to remove.

Err on the side of “binning” anything that may set off the security monitor…or leave it at home. This includes things like money clips, some watches and jewelry, and even spare change.

If you’re traveling with a laptop computer, don’t wait until you’re at the front of the line to remove it from its case. Get it out while you’re waiting in line, to save time when it’s finally your turn to be screened, and place it in a bin by itself.

Don’t try to bring liquids of more than 3 ounces through security. They don’t care what it is; I once saw a woman have to dump what looked like a really nice bottle of perfume. Put your right-sized liquids in a quart-size plastic bag and remove them from your suitcase or carryon to be screened outside of it.

Your children and their accoutrements—even baby seats—aren’t exempt from screening…no matter how cute they are. They need to abide by the same rules you do.

 If you are pulled over for special screening, don’t have a poor attitude about it. The TSA employees are merely doing their job, which is ensuring you get safely to your destination. It will add just a few minutes to your journey…and wouldn’t you rather be safe than sorry, and have the security staff err on the side of caution?

 Happy travels!