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Thursday’s Movie Pick
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Thursday’s Movie Pick So I’m starting to put things back in my suitcase. You may be surprised at what I like to watch while “getting there”. Don’t judge my guilty pleasures!  I’m sorry I missed Mr. Clooney on the big screen… WITH A JOB THAT HAS HIM TRAVELING AROUND THE COUNTRY FIRING PEOPLE, RYAN BINGHAM LEADS AN

Don’t Let Arthritis Keep You Home
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  Don’t Let Arthritis Keep You Home  I was diagnosed with arthritis at the tender age of 29, but after lots of trial and error, my doctor and I found a treatment modality that keeps me pain-free and mobile. I consider myself lucky that my condition doesn’t hamper me from traveling, but I realize there

Stress-Free Security
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Stress-Free Security One of the least pleasant parts of air travel is going through security, but if you’re properly prepared, you can lessen or eliminate any stress it may cause. Here are some tips to minimize the security hassle:  When you dress for your journey, in addition to thinking about comfort, also focus on ensuring