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How About a “Staycation”?  When I asked my 11-year-old niece what she’d be doing for the two-week holiday break, her answer surprised me a little: “We’re taking a staycation.” This is a family that’s traveled to places like Aruba and St. Barts to soak in the sun, or Vail to enjoy winter’s delights. But, they

My Take On Online Travel Sites
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  My Take On Online Travel Sites  It almost seems you can’t watch TV for more than about 30 minutes without seeing an ad for an online travel site. Name your price! Stay at a four-star hotel for a one-star price! Get a refund if someone books the same room for a lower price! Sounds

Hot Travel Destinations for 2010…Maybe
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Hot Travel Destinations for 2010…Maybe  Since travel is such a personal thing, I always find it interesting to see what the “experts” peg as the top destinations each year. Lonely Planet’s fifth annual list was released in early November, noted as a collection of the best places to go and best things to do in

Should You Be Your Own Travel Agent?
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Finally! Your Freedom to Travel… Should You Be Your Own Travel Agent?  Despite the fact that the online travel industry has ballooned from being non-existent to being a competitive, lucrative field, traditional travel agencies—you remember, those that feature on person-to-person interaction—remain a mainstay in the travel business. I recently started to wonder why…  I think